LTN & Kyler England – Rise Like Smoke (Extended Club Mix)

LTN & Kyler England – Rise Like Smoke (Extended Club Mix) released on Ava Recordings, April 19th, 2019.


Two incredible elements are at work in LTN’s new single ‘Rise Like Smoke,’ featuring the highly-lauded voice of Kyler England: a practically symphonic melody and England’s penetrating vocals. The track, which is released today, April 19, on AVA Recordings is a battle cry disguised as a silky-smooth ballad. Empowering and beautiful, it demands the attention of every one of your senses. It is somehow tactile and delicious, putting you in a temporary state of synesthesia. ‘Rise Like Smoke’ would be the perfect soundtrack for a festival after movie; simply listening to it conjures up enough emotion to make that movie flash through your brain, as if it were happening right in front of you.

If this song is any indicator of the quality of LTN’s upcoming album Path of Life, which of course it must be, then the artist should be looking forward to cementing a place of honor in the history of electronic music. If this seems dramatic, take a listen and then reevaluate that thought. LTN has absolutely mastered creating an immersive experience in just a few minutes’ time. This is a powerful track with huge commercial and mixing potential, and a classic in the making.

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LTN & Kyler England – Rise Like Smoke (Extended Club Mix)

LTN & Kyler England - Rise Like Smoke (Extended Club Mix) - Spotify

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