LTN – Sleeping At The Airport

LTN – Sleeping At The Airport, released on Excelsior Music!


Rain against glass, a glowing distant sunrise, the smell of coffee being brewed. These are just some of the powerful sensations Louis Tan, a.k.a. LTN, calls to mind with his brand new single ‘Sleeping At The Airport’. Single notes on echoing piano act as the backbone for this dreamy track, while a sweet female voice rings out almost incomprehensibly, more music than lyric. LTN consistently manages to keep his work ethereal and beautiful, usually tempering the lighter sounds with a heavier bassline. Contrary to the title, it is not a sleepy track, thanks to the increasingly-layered crescendo and its ultimate climax, wherein all the elements LTN utilizes come together in a way that energizes the listener while also providing a soothing, warm feeling, just like that first cup of coffee in the morning.

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LTN – Sleeping At The Airport (Original Mix)
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