New Ordinance – Mirage (Original Mix)

New Ordinance – “Mirage” released on Expedition Music, May 11th, 2018!

The dynamic duo from New York releases their first original track of the year. This track is very progressive, yet melodic, with house and trance flavors, along with amazing vocals. If you listen to the lyrics, you will know that this track has deep meaning, not just for New Ordinance, but also for their fans and people around the world! You can listen to the track on our YouTube Channel.

Don’t forget to get your copy of “Mirage” on Beatport and give New Ordinance a “like” on their Facebook!

New Ordinance Facebook
Label: Expedition Music
New Ordinance – Mirage (Original Mix)
Released: 2018/05/11 I BPM: 125  I  Key: E min I Genre: Trance I Length: 06:17 

New Ordinance - Mirage (Original Mix)

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