New Ordinance Regulation Episode 002

New Ordinance Regulation Episode 002 is out now on Mixcloud!

Gray Devio and Gozzi aka New Ordinance keep going with their podcast called Regulation! Once a month New Ordinance go thru the best progressive, trance and house tracks and drops them in to one hour mix! On some tracks they do live edits. Gray usually likes to play live Violin in the podcast and Gozzi plays live drums over everything to help the groove to move you! If you haven’t heard this duo in action yet check out there latest episode of their podcast! On this months episode they are featuring tracks from Thomas Mengel, Ruben De Rond, Protoculture and others! You can view the track list below and also click on the link to take you to their Mixcloud! Please make sure you give a follow to them!

Click here for the podcast! 

Regulation episode 002 tracklist
1. Marco Bertek – Space Flight (Original Mix) [00:00-06:36] 2. Omnia, Cathy Burton – Searchlight (Extended Mix) [06:37-11:36] 3. Thomas Mengel – Athena (Extended Mix) [11:37-16:21] 4. May-Britt Scheffer – Born Again (Denis Kenzo Remix) [16:22-21:54] 5. Eximinds – Flying High (Extended Mix) [21:55-26:41] 6. Orjan Nilsen – Hi There Radio (Extended Mix) [26:42-30:30] 7. TEPHRA – Blast Off (Original Mix) [30:31-36:15] 8. Protoculture, Attila Syah – Colosseum (Extended Mix) [36:16-41:04] 9. Future Disciple – Adventure to the South (Extended Mix) [41:05-47:41] 10. Ruben De Ronde, Rodg, Patrick Baker – Forever Searching (Extended Mix) [47:42-51:56] 11. W&W, Vini Vici – Chakra (Extended Mix) [51:57-End]

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