New Ordinance Regulation Episode 004

February 1, 2018 - Regulation with New Ordinance 

New Ordinance Regulation Episode 004 released November 3rd on SoundCloud!

The fourth episode of Regulation is here! Mixed and delivered by New Ordinance, a production and performance duo from New York, featuring Producer/Vocalist/International Electric Violinist, Gray Devio, and Producer/DJ/World Percussionist, Gozzi! On this episode of Regulation, you can hear tracks from Assaf, LTN, Supacooks and many others! We hope you enjoy the mix and share it with your friends! Don’t forget to check out New Ordinance on their social media and follow them!

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Nanofeel – Clouds (Norman Remix)
Alejo & Max Blade – Universal Soul (Original Mix)
Pryda – Stay With Me (Original Mix)
Alex Morelli – JOOF Recordings – Lonely Runner (Alan Cuevas / Balearica Remix)
Darkness Falls – Error 606 (Extended Mix)
Joseph Areas – Void of Self (Extended Mix)
WhiteoutLucid Blue – Only Sorrow Knows (Extended Mix)
M11 , Same K – Play On Fire (Extended Mix)
Arctic Quest ft. Gray Devio – Sequoia (Under The Sun) (New Ordinance Remix)
Ruben De Ronde and Donata – Stand In My Way (FEEL Extended Remix)
David Gravell – Addicted To (Extended Mix)
Envotion – Solar Plex (Extended Mix)
Natalie Gioia and Eximinds – Saving Me From Night (Extended Mix)

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