New Ordinance Regulation Episode 007

March 12, 2018 - Regulation with New Ordinance 
Regulation Episode 7

New Ordinance Regulation Episode 007 released on March 02, 2018!

Embark on this melodic, progressive house journey with New Ordinance, a production and performance duo from New York, featuring Producer/Vocalist/Electric Violinist, Gray Devio, and Producer/DJ/Percussionist, Gozzi. On this months episode, you can hear tracks from Nick Warren, Orczy, LTN and may other producers! We really enjoy Regulation Podcast in our office! It brings the best in progressive every month! You should all check it out! Please don’t forget to like New Ordinance on their social media!

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Intro 00:00-1:03

1. Nick Warren & Tripswitch – Voight Kampff ( Cid IncRemix)
2. Kostya Outta – Audio Mix 2 Final 2 (Original Mix)
3. Shai G – The Raven Show (Original Mix)
4. Jiminy Hop – Saturn ( Ivan Ivanshee ShpakovskiyRemix)
5. Orczy – Alive (Original Mix)
6. AirdrawJoe Ruarte and Aaren & Jo. E – Bryde’s Whale (Ext. Club Mix)
7. NatuneSepehr Nazari pres.Hypersia – Find Your Way ( Borena Remix)
8. Ruddaz – enixaM (Extended Mix)
9. DJ LTNStendahl & Arielle Maren – Black Hole (Blood Groove & Kikis Ext. Voc. Mix)
10. Andrew Lang Music – Lost


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