THT World Podcast 134 by Allan Morrow

THT World Podcast 134 by Allan Morrow released on our Mixcloud, April 28, 2018.

On THT World Podcast episode 134 we had a guest mix from very talented artists, Allan Morrow. Allan is not just a DJ and producer of Trance music, he is also very talented in sound design. One of his projects is creating tutorials for sound design, mixdown, and mastering! You should definitely check them out! On this episode of THT World Podcast, Allan featured tracks from Paul Van Dyk, Activa, Liam Wilson and others! Make sure to check out Allan Morrow’s social media pages and like him on Facebook! Please make sure to share the episode with your friends!

THT World Podcast 134 by Allan Morrow

THT World Podcast episode 134 Track List

1. Paul Van Dyk  – Tell Me Why (John Askew Remix)
2. John O’Callaghan – Raw Deal (Original Mix)
3. Madelyne – Beautiful Child (Hiver & Hammer Remix)
4. MTW – Sawfish (Original Mix)
5. Activa – Exhale (Original Mix)
6. ID – ID
7. Garry Heaney – Citation (Allan Morrow Remix)
8. Solar Movement – Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)
9. ID – ID
10. ID – ID
11. Liam Wilson – Remember Me (Original Mix)
12. Will Atkinson – Breathe It (Original Mix)
13. C.M.R. – Lost Visions (Original Mix)

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