THT World Podcast ep 002 by Dax&Atragun

August 4, 2017 - THT World Podcast

The second episode of THT World Podcast was mixed by Dax&Atragun! Duo from New York city that has produced some very nice trance tracks over the past year! Definitely check them out on the links below!

THT World Podcast ep 002 by Dax & Atragun

Thank you Dax and Atragun for the guest mix! We can not wait to hear from you!
Here is a track list of THT World Podcast ep 002 by Dax&Atragun

1. Reiklavik – Hex (Intro Mix)
2. Biotones – Opera Of The Night ( Andrew Lang Remix)
3. Dax&Atragun vs Emran Badalov – Orion (original Mix)
4. Esthetique – Fallin’ Star (Dax&Atragun Remix)
5. Evgeny Lebedev – Helion (Original Mix)
6. ID – ID
7. Shadow of Two – Memories (Original Mix)
8. Amo R – Invincible (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
9. Dim3nsion – Origami (Original Mix)
10. Ferry Corsten – Reborn (Original Mix)


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