THT World Podcast ep 129 by Apollo Nash

March 27, 2018 - THT World Podcast

THT World Podcast ep 129 by Apollo Nash released on March 24th, 2018.

On this weeks episode of THT World Podcast, we have an exclusive guest mix from upcoming trance DJ and producer, Apollo Nash.  Producing from his studio in New Jersey with a unique style of progressive trance! His tracks have been supported by some big names in the industry! Myon, Tom Fall, Aruna and Cosmic Gate are few of the names that have been playing his tracks in their podcasts and on the biggest dancefloors in the world! If you haven’t already, you should listen to his latest track Nisyros, released on Elliptical Sun Recordings!

THT World Podcast Mixcloud
THT World Podcast ep 129 Track List 
1. Andrew Lang – Visions (South Pole Remix)
2. Late Night Alumni – Montage (Mistiska Remix)
3. Marcus Santoro – Savitar (Original Mix)
4. Emme – Kilimanjaro (Original Mix)
5. Paul Arcane – Everest (Original Mix)
6. Aressa & Apollo Nash vs. Aresz – Genesis Original Mix)
7.  Adrian Alexander – Meridia (Original Mix)
8. Maglev, Sodality – First Feeling (Original Mix)
9. Jason Ross feat Fiora  – Through It All (Original Mix)
10. Daun Giventi, Aressa, & Erika K – Empyrean (Original Mix)
11. Aressa & Apollo Nash – Nisyros (Original Mix)
12. OceanLab – On A Good Day (Ilan Bluestone Extended Mix)

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