New Ordinance Regulation Episode 003

November 18, 2017 - Regulation with New Ordinance 

New Ordinance Regulation Episode 003 is here!

New Ordinance releases November episode of their monthly podcast Regulation. In this episode you can hear tracks from Mark Sixma, Orjan Nielsen, Emerge and others. Also in this episode, you can hear new track from New Ordinance called “We Will Live On”.  “We Will Live On” starts at 33:27 in this episode! If you haven’t had the chance to listen to New Ordinance’s Podcast or their tracks make sure to check them out on links below in this post!

Click here for Regulation Episode 003

Regulation episode 003 tracklist
1. Denis Neve _ Distance (Original Mix)
2. Hypnotic Duo- Invisible Man (Original Mix)
3. Nianaro – Ultimatum (Extended Mix)
4. Bigtopo and Omar Diaz – Amazonas (Extended Mix)
5. Exis – The Ritual (Original Mix)
6. Attila Syah & Tomac – Canasia (Extended Mix)
7. Noise Zoo – Fractal (Extended Mix)
8. New Ordinance- We Will Live On (Extended Mix)
9. Emerge – Clear Light (Extended Mix)
10. Schala – Macrosom (Extended Mix)
11. Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt – Missing (Extended Mix)

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