New Ordinance Regulation Episode 001

September 29, 2017 - Regulation with New Ordinance 

New Ordinance Regulation Episode 001 is here!
Mixed and delivered by New Ordinance, a production and performance duo from New York, featuring Producer/Vocalist/International Electric Violinist, Gray Devio, and Producer/DJ/World Percussionist, Gozzi!

Once a month New Ordinance will bring you the best in progressive, house  and trance! You can listen to their podcast on Mixcloud and their Soundcloud!

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Click Here To Listen To The Episode

Here is a track list for Regulation episode 001

1. Joonas Hahmo x K-System – Mañana (Extended Mix)
2. Ross, Seven Lions, Paul Meany – Higher Love feat. Paul Meany (Grum Ext Mix)
3. Don Diablo – Momentum (Original Mix)
4. Oleg Farrier – Phoenix (Original Mix)
5. Declan James, Lycii – Sapphire (Extended Mix)
6. Rodrigo Deem – Ventara (Extended Mix)
7. Steve Brian – Angola (Club Mix)
8. Armin Van Buuren – Sunny Days feat. Josh Cumbee (Extended Club Mix)
9. Eskai & SNR – Swipe
10. ABHISHEK Y2V, Amy Kirkpatrick – The Goddess (Emerge Extended Mix)
11. New Ordinance – One In A Million (Original Mix)
12. Myon – Albion (Marcus Santoro Remix)

You can check out other articles about them here! 
New Ordinance - One In A Million (James Romano Remix)           New Ordinance - One In A Million (Original Mix)

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