Regulation 009

New Ordinance Regulation Episode 009

New Ordinance Regulation Episode 009 released on May 7th, 2018 on!

Every month New Ordinance releases a new episode of their show, Regulation. Gray Devio and Gozzi lock themselves into their studio and do live edits of the best progressive each month have to offer! On episode 9 of Regulation, they featuring tracks from Andrew Lang, Alpha 9, Eximinds and many others. Also on this episode, they showcase the world premiere of their track Mirage, released on Expedition music. Please make sure to check out their Regulation show on their Soundcloud, and also please follow them on their Facebook!

New Ordinance - Regulation 009

New Ordinance – Intro 00:00-00:54
GMJ Music, Matter – 11 Moons ( Cream & Deep FogRemix)
Christian Monique Dj Producer – Celestial Body (Fabri Lopez Remix)
New Ordinance – Mirage (Original Mix)
Massivan – Dance of Life ( Nihil Young a.k.a. Less Hate Remix)
Milad E – Apocalypse (Extended Mix)
Eximinds feat Kate Miles – How Can I (Extended Mix)
H/k/Christina Novelli – Worlds Collide (Extended Mix)
Andrew Lang Music – Lost (Ledo Remix)
Stan Kolev /Official Page/ – Sequence 1.168 (Original Mix)
ALPHA 9 – All We Need (Extended Mix)

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