New Ordinance – Beyond Gravity

New Ordinance – Beyond Gravity (Club Mix, Mike Saint Jules and David Broaders Remixes) on Pure Trance / Blackhole Recordings

The latest from progressive trance and house duo, New Ordinance is ‘Beyond Gravity,’ a fresh take on the classic sound they are known for. While the lyrics in this track describe a more outer-space type of weightlessness, I get the sensation of being in a deep, still pool, floating but surrounded with something, like cold saltwater, which causes every synapse in my body to fire all once. This should be overwhelming, but it is instead simply exhilarating. The echoing piano notes in the breakdown sound like they’re traveling in slow waves through something more viscous than air.

            Another sensation of weightlessness I feel while listening to this song is the way it feels to be in the arms of someone you love. The electric but soothing embrace of ‘Beyond Gravity’ is everything I could ever hope to find in music, or in any other experience. It is very easy to get completely lost in this track, even at over 8 minutes long. This is the perfect song to play at 3:00 a.m. unwinding after a great night out, but would be just as appropriate enjoyed alongside a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. No matter where in this universe you are, ‘Beyond Gravity’ is sure to put you in its own unique atmosphere.

            To swim in darker waters, take a listen to Mike Saint-Jule’s Club Mix. This livelier remix would sound right at home in a cold, vacant warehouse, with a crowd who has come to dance their worries away amid a sea of strangers. Adding some layers of echo to the vocals adds a lot of atmosphere to the already ample soundscape found in the original mix. This is sure to get you dancing as if no one is watching, because when this song is playing, no one will be. All focus is on the music and the mood, just as it should be .

            For a more classic club sound which still maintains the mystical parts that make the original so unique, there is David Broader’s edition of ‘Beyond Gravity’. This is the epitome of what makes trance special: it’s high energy and danceable, but with substance and intention. It’s hard to imagine a remix of this song that wouldn’t come out beautiful, because the raw material, from vocals to bassline, were all clearly chosen with care. Every element of the track, in all its forms, meshes so well. ‘Beyond Gravity’ is sure stay on the charts and on our minds for the foreseeable future.

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